Sample Spreads


Sample Specimen Spread | Fancy Types, Curls

This sample shows the layout plan for most pages of THP volumes. Each two-page spread presents about six to ten digital specimens, and each volume contains about 50 spreads including chapter introductions. Supplementary “sidebars” are placed where space is available.

Each spread is unified by a memory-jogging theme illustrated with an image authentic for the period and identified when possible. The right-hand page shows gallery specimens exemplifying the theme.

Full alpha-numeric specimens are positioned on the left-hand page with tabulated historical information. Color-coded text links to additional information about the typeface, designer and producer.

Sample Chapter Introduction | The Arts and Crafts Movement

Specimen spreads are organized into chapters narrating such concepts as historical context, style-category traits, etc. This spread introduces a chapter about gothic-influenced calligraphy faces.

In the above illustration, information about the Artistic Printing Movement is presented as a sidebar contrasting two design genrés of the same period. Subjective descriptions of such 19th- and early-20th –century style trends as Victorian, Artistic Printing, Art Nouveau, etc. are disregarded. Instead, specimens are presented according to historical trends and inherent anatomical properties, which were re-visited and re-interpreted during the period investigated.